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The secret life of mangaka

so a few days ago I got a look at Sensitive (センシティブ・ポルノグラフ), which was the most explicit thing I have ever seen, and a bit bizarre to say the least. It's a oneshot yaoi anime, with two stories.

The second story is about a pet-sitter who finds out the rabbit he's been sent to sit is in fact a naked man tied up in a closet. Porn ensues. I don't want to talk about it.

but the FIRST story was really good, and thankfully 20 minutes out of the half hour. It's about two mangaka who are having the woobiest, sweetest, fumbly relationship start ever. I've watched it like five times at this point, and I actually skip all the sex just to get to the wooby parts.

and GUH they are so very, very pretty.

This is Sono, who hits about ten million of my kinks, but let me point out in particular the blond hair with the dark brown eyes. And also he wears all these over-sized sweaters where the cuffs are big and flop down over his hands, and it makes me want to peel them back and squeeze his tiny little wrists. Yes, that is a little weird.

This is Seiji, who is having a little daydream about Sono here instead of working like he is supposed to be. He's a little darker than Sono, but still with the big brown eyes. And the constant blushing. This is apparently his first serious relationship.

This is not the daydream that Seiji is having at this particular moment, but GUH. I just had to throw that in.

There is NO REASON for this bandana to be so sexy. Except for right after when Sono pulls it off and shakes his hair out. He's helping Seiji get some of his panels done, which, btw, i think it's hilarious meta that this anime is about mangaka getting it on, especially since Sono is an erotic mangaka.

This is the direct result of the daydream. Yes, it is exactly what it looks like. SO CUTE. A few moments later Sono tells Seiji how much he loves his voice.

Seiji attempts to get back to work after Sono leaves. This is like the story of my life.

They have a big woobie fight when Seiji finds out just how experienced Sono is. Sono hunts him down at a playground to make up.

no really, what is up with the bishounen and the bunnies? gah, i can't take the sexy and the cute all at the same time!

KYAH! Sono is so forlorn! Just give in, Seiji!

Of course, they totally make up, and sex and stuff, but in order to end on a high note, i will transplant the shot of Seiji waking up the morning after they get together. HIS HAIR! aslkalkjsdkljfsd wooooooooobie.

I made ten million icons tonight too, look forward to it.
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