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Some of you have been asking me about the Loveless manga and Sensitive. Look within.

As for the rest of you, why aren't you reading Loveless right freaking now?

I'm an anime person, not a manga person usually. I like the bright colors and the j-pop and the slapstick humor. But for Loveless, the anime is a lot of gorgeous and damaged, but it does not compare by half to the manga.

Now, I won't lie, there is some crazy stuff in Loveless. It's not for the faint of heart. It makes Death Note look like kittens having a tea party in places. Ritsuka is 12 and Soubi is 20, and their relationship is hardly platonic, and lord only knows what Ritsuka's brother, Seimei, did to either of them before his death. not to mention the part where Ritsuka's mother beats him regularly, demanding that he give the 'real' Ritsuka back.

But the story is really about Ritsuka swearing he'll find his brother's murderers no matter what it takes, and Soubi following Seimei's orders to protect Ritsuka even after Seimei's death, and completely not planning to care about Ritsuka as much as he does.

It's about why the other fighter/sacrifice teams called Zero are created to feel no pain, while Soubi was trained to use his to protect his sacrifice at all costs. And about how much Ritsuka can be like his brother sometimes, cold and manipulative, but how other times he's nothing like Seimei at all, no matter how much Soubi wants him to be.

It's about the random assortment of characters, from Kio, Soubi's fellow art student who takes care of Soubi in the the hopes that he will finally throw over these crazy Aoyagi brothers and realize that Kio has always loved him, to Natsuo and Youji, the fighter/sacrifice team that has no where to go after Soubi beats them, and end up living in Soubi's apartment.

It's about how, no matter how many times people ask when Ritsuka's own fighter will show up, Ritsuka says he won't have anyone but Soubi and won't let a name control him. And about Soubi saying that if Seimei ordered him to kill Ritsuka, he would have to do it, but he would kill himself before he ever hurt Ritsuka.

Um, and also everybody has furry ears and a tail until they lose their innocence. Yes, you heard me, there are catboys. No, Ritsuka has not ordered Soubi to take his ears yet.

But oh, he will.

Loveless Volume 1
Loveless Volume 2
Loveless Volume 3
Loveless Volume 4

And also, since a few of you asked me:

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