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New blinky toy!

I have a new toy! Its name is Zero...because its parts are interchangeable (shut up).

It's one of the SanDisk micro flash drives. It holds 256 MB! and blinks! And i have a funny story about that.

The regular, non-micro version was bigger (obviously) and also $10 more. I knew that the big one had a blinky light when you plugged it in, and aside from the interchangeable caps, this for me was a prime feature. While peering at the micro, I couldn't tell whether it would blink or not, so I asked a nearby salesboy.

SB: "Does it what?"
me: "Blink. Does it have a pretty blinky light on the end? Cause I want one that blinks."
SB: "Uhhhh...." *reads package futilely* "You know, I'm not sure."
me: "Is there someone who has one and can tell me?"
SB: *calls over to the girl working the nearby register* "Hey! you've got a sandisk flash drive right? Is it a micro?"
the girl: "No, mine's a full size! It BLINKS!"
SB: ".......I see."

In the end, i decided i couldn't really pay $10 extra because i wasn't sure if the little one blinks, and had already bonded with the one i was carrying around anyhow, so I just got it. Blue and clear and pink caps! Pretty!

It totally does blink, by the way. Green. and I dug up a blue butterfly icon for it to sit on my desktop.
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