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so. freaking. tired.

I knitted through both of my classes today, it seems to be working to keep me calm. As soon as I stop, I feel the urge to kill rising, so I just keep on doing it. Neither professor apparently had the desire to stop me. Or perhaps what they really lacked was the urge to engage in heated debate with me.

Either way is fine with me (must. not. assault. faculty.).

But really, what I want to do right now is totally not have a NaNo write-in. The writing should be fun, but instead it's a chore, because I think my novel is crap and my characters are sort of cute, but not sexy like last year. And I should want to see people and be social, especially since I haven't made it to a single event yet, but really all I want to do is be left alone.

And my professor hasn't emailed me back yet about re-taking my Latin comp. Which I will probably fail again.

but at least my mother is flying up for Thanksgiving! I won't be trapped here all alone! *waves the most pathetic flag ever*
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