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the Long-Awaited music posts

I admit that I've become a bit of a J-pop and J-rock whore of late. and any fool who knows me knows that as soon as I get into something, I completely overload on it until the people around me stage an intervention.

But this is all good news for you, cause it means i have hot foreign pop to share.

If you've never tried foreign rock before, give it a shot! it's free. and some of it has a lot of English in it anyway. If Hendrix sang in Japanese, he'd've still been a genius, right?

As a general guide, the girl stuff tends to be more pop, and the boy stuff tends to be more rock/indie.

L'Arc~en~Ciel--Lost Heaven- Scared of the foreign music? Give this a shot, the entire chorus is in English. L'Arc is a J-pop legend, but AWAKE is the first album of theirs I've really enjoyed. The lead guy has a deeper, more American-sounding voice than a lot of other J-pop singers.

The Pillows--Crazy Sunshine- The Pillows are like if the Kinks were Japanese. Raw, garage-y kind of sound, but they're simple and straightforward and it works for them. If you've ever seen FLCL, they did all the music for that.

Asian Kung-Fu Generation--REWRITE- Oh man, what is there to say about this song? The 4th FMA theme, this was the song, and then the album, that sold me on J-rock for good. Simple, driving guitar, sexful lead singer who hovers on that edge between power and screaming. Man, this song just fucking ROCKS, take my word for it.

Jougen no Tsuki (Crescent Moon)--SAYAKA- Girly pop, but something about Japanese pop is just more interesting than American pop. It just sounds a little different, fresher. This song is mellow and gorgeous, it doesn't rock out quite as much as other girls I could name, but Sayaka's voice is rich and inviting, and she ain't hard on the eyes either. I had a wicked hard time finding this song, but so worth it.

Minami Kuribayashi--Tsubasa no Pleasure Line- Still girly, but much more with the rocking out. The sound can be a little more girlish than Sayaka, but it's an affectation and it fades when the singer gets into it. I cannot resist from chair dancing to this song. If you are of the girl-pop at all, get this song. *loves*

Atobe Keigo--Kukou no Tsubasa- Atobe Keigo's seiyuu (voice actor) is the sex. So. Much. Sex. This is more pop than rock, and a character song, but I do not care because the hotness of the voice overrides the dweebiness like crazy. Seriously, if you are going to indulge in one character song fetish, go for Atobe.

Takui--RE-SET- straight-forward indie rock. Love it. Takui sounds a bit like Asian Kung-Fu Generation, only a little more polished, maybe? Less garagey. I had a hard time finding this one too, which is odd, cause everybody seems to like Takui so much.

Also, since I just uploaded them yesterday for darkeyedwolf, have two Origa songs: Inner Universe and Rise, both of which are Ghost in the Shell themes. Haunting and gorgeous, these songs are a lot better than the show itself, in my opinion.

Recommend me something good in return?
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