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Does anyone here NOT have the burning?

Prince of Tennis 112 was unexpectedly hilariously good. Once I started taking screencaps, I kind of couldn't stop.

Anybody wondering whether or not to give PoT a shot may be interested to see what they're in for *whistles innocently*

Can I just say to start that Hyoutei is totally my favorite team. They're fscking awesome, and there's absolutely no ambiguity about who is sleeping with whom.

first of all, Ootori is the cutest thing on the planet. You should all be very familiar at this point with my light hair/dark eyes kink. *sighs happily*

He's so cute that Taka-san tries to give him the burning (which Shishido is rather grumpy about might I add). If Ootori is smart, he won't taste anything of Taka's when he's waving his fingers like that. I sure wouldn't.

Over on the other court, we find out that Taka-san isn't the only one with the burning.

Momo's game has Eiji just a little riled up. I love Ryoma's "WTF" face.

Meanwhile, Ootori has finally caught on to Taka-san's plan and is very concerned for his honor. Oh noes! Or maybe Taka hit back a Scud Serve, one or the other.

Then we have a quality flashback (with the best song EVER, does anybody know what it is?) where Ootori and Shishido get it on repeatedly practice the Scud Serve.

Shishido: jesus, AGAIN? we just did it like 75 times! why do you think i'm so dirty?!

Hot though it is, none of this matters, because Taka-san then hits a return so hard that it actually changes Ootori's religion.

Back to Momo and Gakuto's game, where Oshitari reveals exactly what kind of training Gakuto's been up to, who he's been doing it with, and how few clothes were involved (well, he might have worn his uniform once or twice just for novelty).

Gakuto retorts with a comment that tells me a little too much about Oshitari's preferences.

Ootori and Shishido comment simultaneously on Momo's choice of name for his new move.

Shishido is flustered by their synchrinocity in public.

Shishido: Dammit, Choutarou, now everybody will know about us!
Ootori: If they didn't before, they sure will when they see the last screencap.

Finally, this is the little episode ender, which I'm not sure I should even say anything about. I do enjoy the little arrow, to make sure you don't miss the questionable Atobe art.
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