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My logic board is totally disintegrating again. First were the weird speaker problems (which fixed themselves?) and the trackpad strangeness (which sort of has to do with whether the thing is plugged in or not).

Now the ibook is freezing when i pick it up and move it around sometimes. The telltale sign? I can sometimes fix it by squeezing the case in just the right way. it's the vertical line disease, just without the vertical lines.

I realize that the machine has essentially been on constantly for the last three and a half years, excluding the 10 hours it took me to fly to England once. I use it too much, i've dropped it like a billion times, and it's hard drive is too full.

but i cannot replace it right now. It has to last until next fall when i will (purportedly) have like a real-life job.

Last week, for about 2 minutes, it was ticking. Like a bomb. *weeps*

PS-please to be giving me my comments, LJ, kthnx.
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