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It's an Order!

I just realized I hadn't made the annoucement: I got a new laptop! Snowflake, the ibook, was making progressively more worrisome grinding noises after the ticking scare, so finally I just gave in and got a new laptop during the Apple black friday sale. I saved about $500 between that and my educational discount. Not like I have the other $1600...*sigh* ah well, I'll work it out somehow.

So now I have a shiny 15-inch Powerbook with 80 GB and sexy backlighting, named Soubi-kun (it's a lot thinner than I think it should be and Zero freeloads in the side slot). On the other hand, I should be more careful what I name things, cause the first night, Soubi wouldn't show files on the desktop unless I asked for them directly by name. "It's an ORDER, dammit!"

For the first time ever, the little LJ box that has 'create a poll' and such in it is showing up for me. GLEE. (er, comments, plz?)

In other news, I have some crazy projects due for the end of a few classes, and I have utterly lost the will to go on. My second try at the Latin poetry comprehensive is tomorrow, and I'm just sort of laying around apathetically.

If I can just get this damn case study done, at least that'll be something. gwar.

lemon_advent looks like it will be sexy. You should contribute, oh my multi-fannish flist.
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