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Some pimpage

Multi-fannish: You all should go contribute something to lemon_advent! it's any fandom, any pairing, and there's no prompt really except that it should be Christmassy. Right now about 3/4 of the stuff is Gundam Wing, and we can't be having that, cause i'm not even in GW! Represent, people!

I've started posting Christmas in Hyoutei, some Shishido/Ohtori, which is plotted to run all advent if i swing it right. The sections are short, and a bunch of other people (Ore-tachi Golden Pair da!) will probably pop in and out.

Loveless: You Loveless folks should head on over to loveless100 and write 100-500 words for this week's challenge, Sempai/Kouhai. I get to judge the entries this week, so it'd be great to see some new blood! This week's challenge ends Wednesday, Dec 7. And if you win, you get to pick the next challenge (which apparently i am bad at, so save me from myself).

Hmm, both of those pimps were actually for me. *shrugs* one more can't hurt.

don't forget to write your own inscrutible paragraph! You'll be sorry if you miss musesfool rhapsodize about tweed.
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