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marksykins is my hero, because she has written perfect Shindou/Touya rivalry and Go-playing, and the phrase 'their Go' is used, and...and...alkasdfklg I love it. *squees quietly to self*

Metaphor by marksykins

I realized the other day that the name of the show is "Hikaru's Go." I mean, i knew that, but I hadn't ever really thought about it before, how often in the series that phrase gets used, talking about Sai's Go, or Touya's father's Go, or Touya saying that it's like Shindou has two Gos early on. Something about the turn of phrase just pings me, perhaps because it's sort of a non-English idea and I'm a language dweeb. And their Gos are so much shorthand for the entirety of their being.

When Shindou thinks at Touya "you see Sai in my Go", what he means is that Touya understands Shindou, from one side to the other. In a way, the heart of the series is Shindou realizing that he has a Go, his own Go, he's not borrowing Sai's and he's not just chasing Touya, he's got his own drive and pattern and shape.

The scene where Isumi plays Shindou to make him join the pros again is heart-breaking but also ridiculously joyful, because it isn't until then that Shindou realizes that he's seeing Sai in HIS OWN Go, that even though Sai is gone, he has his own self, no matter what.

So i really love it when fics play with that turn of phrase and talk about Touya's Go or Sai's Go. I take a great deal of glee in taking it one step further and calling the ridiculous, winding road of shindou and touya that makes, a lot of times, ZERO sense "their Go". their pattern and understanding of each other is completely incomprehensible to outsiders most of the time, but everyone can see that it exists.

I mean, I can't exactly see Shindou looking Touya in the eye and saying "I understand everything about every part of you better than anyone else ever will" but I can see him saying "I know your Go", and I know that Touya would know exactlly what that means.
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