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Personality Split

I'm exhausted because i stayed up until mumblemumble watching all 12 Sukisho episodes (Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!!), and then went to Aarinfantasy's forums to get the opening and end theme, only to discover that there was actually a 13th episode.

Kyah. *bangs head on table*

I was a little puzzled by my own lukewarm response to the show. The premise, briefly, is that Sora gets a new roommate, Sunao, who has another guy living inside of him named Ran, and he reveals in short order that Sora has a second personality as well, named Yoru.

Yoru and Ran are in love. And get it on a lot. And Sora and Nao are a bit WTFAAAGH about waking up repeatedly with clear evidence of what's happened.

So lets review: Cute boys, bickering, getting it on, Sora's guardians are having an explicit and on-screen male/male relationship (and i swear to god the 'mother' is Fuji Syuusuke), their best friend will for SURE grow up to be K (he even yells MANAGER! a lot), There were siblings and little kids that looked just like the big kids, one kid is openly making the move on his chem professor (who he calls 'buchou'), COSPLAY omg the ridiculous cosplay...

and then 13 is all about them going to the hotsprings, and every single character is simply looking for some reasonably explicit on-screen alone time with their boyfriend of choice.

I should have BLOWN A FUSE. Instead, I was a bit eh about the whole thing for the first 4-5 episodes, but i kept watching cause the series was short and i wanted to see the Yoru/Ran action. It grew on me by the end, but I am still not chomping at the bit to write middle-of-the-night debauchery where you aren't really sure which personality is in charge, or where the Chemistry lab table is put to good use, or Nameni and Shuichiro doing bad, bad things with Nameni's apron.

and I should be, shouldn't I? Maybe the manga is better.

But on the other hand, I'm a little relieved as well, cause I was starting to wonder if there was ever going to be an anime that I didn't want to spread out on the ground and roll all over.

I get up some screencaps when I'm not in the intern room at school.
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