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Fic, Sukisho!!, I Always Get the Coconut

Title: I Always Get The Coconut [Yoru/Ran and thus probably Sora/Sunao]
Rating/Warnings: R for Yoru and Ran abusing 'the bodies'
Summary: Ran complains that he hasn't got a Valentine's Day present, and Yoru gives him something to whine about.
AN: Why is it that I can bang out smut for shows I don't like that much, but ask me to write something explicit for a show I love, and it never happens. Sigh, i suck. This is set at the end of the Valentine's Day episode, which I think is 6.

I Always Get The Coconut

Sora collapsed on his bed, too tired to do any more undressing than stripping off the ridiculous afro and tossing it to the floor. He hadn't even bothered to turn on the lights in their room; he was just going to sleep anyway.

"I love Matsuri and all," he said, "but if White Day is anything like this, I'm going to have to kill him."

"Hmph." Sunao sat on his own bed and bent to untie his shoelaces. When they were neatly set aside, he stood again to tug the white cupid robe over his head, not noticing the glances Sora was sneaking. "At least it's over. Aren't you going to even put on your pajamas?"

"Gnuh, too much moving." Despite his protest, Sora did sit up long enough to strip off the robe and his T-shirt, then flopped back down. The pants could stay.

Sunao, neater and more efficient, had already folded his clothes on his chair and was pulling on his own pajamas, then shuffled over to his bed and lifted the blankets with one hand.

"Hey," Sora said, wincing when his voice cracked a little. "Maybe you should just come over here."

"Eh?" Sunao let the blankets drop and turned to stare at Sora, whose cheeks were turning red.

"It's Valentine's Day," Sora continued, managing to drag his eyes up to Sunao's briefly. "You know as soon as we're asleep, they'll…you know. We should save them the trouble, it'll be like our Valentine's Day gift to them."

"Save them the trouble of what?!" Sunao screeched, cheeks flaming as well.

"Not that!" Sora backpedaled quickly, scooting over on his bed until his back touched the wall. "Just of switching beds! Look, there's plenty of room, you don't even have to touch me!"

There was a moment of silence where Sunao glared at Sora, and Sora was on the verge of saying forget it when finally Sunao sighed. "Fine."

"Besides," Sora laughed a little as Sunao slid under his blankets and settled himself, "I don't think they'd like it very much if we saved them the trouble of…"

"Stop talking about it!" Sunao snapped, tugging the blankets tighter around his shoulders. "And don't wake us up in the middle again, either!"

"Aa, it is a bit embarrassing that way," Sora agreed, pushing the pillow over towards Sunao. He could use his arm.

"For me!" Sunao's blush darkened. "At least you aren't always on the…never mind!"

"Nao-kun!" Sora blinked, a smile creeping across his face along with a blush. "Always on the bottom, hm? I think…I think if it was Nao-kun, I wouldn't mind trying…"

"I said never mind!" Sunao snapped, rolling over to put his back to Sora. "Just go to sleep!"


"Tired of being on the bottom, hn?"

A warm arm slipped over Ran's waist and tugged him close, warmth sinking into the skin of his back, and Ran rolled over onto his back immediately.

"Of course not," he purred, nuzzling Yoru's collarbone. Yoru let fingers stray over Ran's cheek, still warm from Sunao's blush.

"Such a pretty blush," Yoru dipped his head to run his lips over the warmth, "it's a pity that you're completely shameless."

"I'm sure you can come up with some other way to get me flushed," Ran teased, grazing his teeth over Yoru's collarbone and running fingers over the small of Yoru's back. "At least Sora had the sense to take some of his clothes off."

Laughing softly in the back of his throat, Yoru slid hands under Ran's shirt, tweaking and stroking as much skin as he could reach, making Ran gasp.

"More, Yoru!" Ran's fingers sank into Yoru's back, probably hard enough to leave marks, and Yoru left off, making Ran growl, long enough to yank Ran's shirt off and toss it to the floor. Seizing Ran's waist, he rolled them over so that Ran was straddling his thighs, blinking down at him in adorable confusion.

"Sure you don't want to be on top?" Yoru teased, arching just a little so that his erection pressed up underneath Ran's.

"No!" Ran slid forward so that it was his pert little rear that Yoru was grinding up against and rocked against him steadily. "So hard already, Yo-tan…"

"I barely had to do anything," Yoru's eyes sparked with heated amusement, "Sora was most of the way there himself."

"Nao-kun too." Ran managed to moan and pout at the same time and Yoru raised a hand to stray across Ran's bottom lip. "They're so stupid, aren't they, Yoru?"

"Mmhmm." Yoru growled when Ran nipped his thumb and sat up to crush Ran against his chest. He nuzzled Ran's temple, the strands of soft, pink hair tickling his nose as he reached around to yank out the band tying it back.

"Yoru," Ran ground down into Yoru's lap as Yoru sank fingers into Ran's loose hair and began to rub the spot where his head and neck met. "I want you."

"I know," Yoru dropped one hand down to Ran's waist to still him a little, "but you know we shouldn't."

"Yoruuu," Ran whined, tilting his head up to scowl at Yoru, "come on, I'm sick of waiting! It's not like I'm some kind of virgin!"

"But Nao-kun is," Yoru reminded, taking his hand out of Ran's hair to tap Ran's nose. "And so is Sora, and they won't be very happy if we have their first time for them, will they? Nao-kun might get stubborn about me seeing you."

"That won't happen!" Ran exclaimed, but his grip on Yoru tightened just a little. "But it's Valentine's Day and everything…"

"Are you saying I don't know how to satisfy you?" Yoru asked, frowning. Ran's eyes widened and he started to protest, but Yoru rolled them over so that Ran was pinned under him and began nipping patches of Ran's neck. "I'll have to apply myself harder then."

"Yoru!" Ran struggled a little, trying to wriggle away from Yoru's rough fingers and sharp teeth, but his erection didn't wilt against Yoru's stomach as Yoru edged his way down to Ran's chest slowly.

He lingered over Ran's nipples until they were slick and bruised and Ran was whimpering pleas. When he arched futilely against Yoru, his cock left tiny wet patches, making Yoru growl almost constantly to mask his own moans. He wanted to tease Ran until he screamed, but his own patience was at an end, desire to taste Ran's cock on his tongue firing along his spine.

Good little Ran screamed for him anyway when he let the tip of Ran's cock slide past his lips, and he worked Ran's head with swirling strokes of his tongue for a few seconds before going any farther, his head spinning a little from the taste of salt across his tongue. Ran's hands were tangled in his hair, yanking and twisting, and Yoru rubbed against the sheets under him and hoped he wouldn't do anything as embarrassing as coming right then.

It had happened before, they were teenagers after all, and Ran was moaning and thrusting into his mouth like a shameless whore, but it was just that after he'd recovered from his own orgasm, Ran would tease him about it for the next…pretty much forever.

"Don't…" Ran panted, tilting his head up so that Yoru could see the hint of a grin in his eyes around the pleasure, "…come by yourself…down there…again…"

"Brat," Yoru muttered, letting his teeth scrape the underside of Ran's shaft just enough to make Ran whine.

"Snowing," Ran panted suddenly, and Yoru let his eyes flutter open enough to see that Ran was right. Fat, white flakes were drifting down outside the window, the sky an eerie pink that made the flush of Ran's skin look even more enticing.

Pink like Ran's hair, gorgeous, Yoru thought hazily, glad that his mouth was full so that he hadn't actually voiced that drivel, and he swallowed Ran a little deeper just to make sure none of those words actually trickled out.

"Yoru! I can't…" Ran gave a choked wail and came, and Yoru drew back just far enough to taste Ran against his tongue, sucking Ran down greedily.

Ran shivered and twitched underneath Yoru's mouth and hands as Yoru didn't release him immediately, but went on sucking and licking until there was no possible molecule of Ran's release that could have escaped him, and then sucked a little more.

"Stop, please!" Ran begged, tugging on Yoru's shoulders to get him away from the too-sensitive skin, and Yoru let himself be drawn up to Ran's mouth. Ran kissed him hungrily, tongue searching out traces of his own taste from Yoru's lips. He threw a leg over Yoru's hip and hitched himself up so that Yoru moved from thrusting into the crease of his hip to thrusting against the warm skin behind his balls. "Please, Yoru," he whispered, feeling Yoru shudder against him, "I really want you…"

"Shameless," Yoru panted, wrapping a firm arm around Ran's waist to yank him back down to where he'd been. "I told…you no…"

"Mean!" Ran scowled, reaching between them to wrap clever fingers around Yoru and tug him until Yoru was spilling over his hand, hot and sweet.

Yoru lifted his head a minute or two later to see Ran slowly licking his fingers clean, sucking them into his mouth one at a time. Smirking, Yoru propped himself up on one elbow to enjoy the whole show, the corner of his mouth quirking slightly like the twitch of a cat's tail-tip. Ran let the final finger slip out of his mouth with a soft pop.

"And I didn't even get a Valentine's day present!" he complained, pouting prettily at Yoru.

"Why would you be getting a present anyway?" Yoru asked, pulling Ran over underneath him to tuck his chin against Ran's chest. "You want to be on the bottom so much, you should be giving me a present. Maybe I'll make Sora really in the mood for chocolate tomorrow."

"Even if you did, stupid Nao-kun would never get him anything." Ran was shaking his head, then suddenly stopped, a wicked grin coming across his face. He slapped Yoru's wandering hand off his chest. "Leggo of me, I've got an idea!"

Yoru watched in amusement, settling himself on the pillow, as Ran scootched off the bed and went rifling through the clothes scattered across the floor to find Yoru's pants.

"Tch," he wrinkled his nose, "you're such a slob! Do some laundry!"

"Sorry, not in charge of that." Yoru shrugged on shoulder, laughing when Ran stuck his tongue out at him. Ran dropped Sora's jeans, having found what he wanted, and headed for Ran's uniform pants, folded neatly on the desk chair.

"Ta-da!" Ran announced the finish of his set-up and hopped back into bed, bouncing a little as Yoru's eyes tracked the movement. "One present for you coming up! Course you know, this means you have to get me something for White Day!"

"Hmm, I don't have to," Yoru pointed out, running hands over Ran's chilled skin to nudge him into the right position, with that firm ass nestled right up against Yoru's groin.

"And you know exactly what I want." Ran glanced over his shoulder to shoot Yoru a threatening look. "The seven inches I get that day better not be snow!"

Yoru knew that laughing would only encourage Ran, but he couldn't help it, especially not when Ran realized indignantly that Yoru had stolen the pillow in his absence.

"Shut up, you," Yoru said fondly, tucking his elbow under Ran's head and burying his face in the long hair spilling over Ran's shoulders. "Go to sleep."

"Don't 'you' me," Ran grumbled, but his voice was heavy with sleep, and his chest was rising and falling evenly in only a few minutes.

Cracking an eye wickedly, Yoru woke him right back up by pinching a bruised nipple.


"Man, you know what I could really go for?" Sora rubbed his stomach thoughtfully as he walked down the sidewalk between Sunao and Matsuri. "Chocolate!"

"You've got to be kidding." Sunao stared at him in disgust. "After how many pounds of it we hauled around yesterday?"

"Yeah, but we didn't eat any of it," Sora pointed out reasonably, and Sunao was opening his mouth to retort when Matsuri let out a little squeal.

"Look, a Valentine's Day cart!" he exclaimed, tugging on Sora and Sunao's elbows to drag them along. "And it's having a day-after sale! Lucky!" As soon as they reached the stand, Matsuri pounced on the vendor and began making a pitch for a combined White Day sales effort.

"Nothing like getting exactly what you're hungry for, is there?" Sora asked cheerfully as Sunao scowled harder. He pulled his wallet out of his pocket and opened it, then his face fell. "Aw, I was sure I had more than this! Lemme borrow some cash, ne, Nao-kun?"

"I don't think I have that much on me," Sunao grumbled, reaching into his pocket. He frowned when he felt not only his wallet, but something crinkled up beside it. He pulled everything out to discover two wrinkled 5000 Yen bills and frowned harder; where had that come from? He was usually a lot more careful with his money…

"Yay!" Sora whooped as Sunao handed over the bills. "I'll pay you back in a few days."

"Don't worry about it," Sunao shrugged one shoulder, "I don't even know where it came from."

"We should share then, at least," Sora said firmly. "What kind do you like?"

"I…" Sunao looked over the scatter of bright red and pink boxes. The way they were gleaming in the winter sunlight made his head hurt. "I don't care."

Clicking his tongue in exasperation, Sora chose one of the bigger boxes of assorted chocolates and shooed Matsuri away from the vendor long enough to actually pay for them. Matsuri didn't look like he was going anywhere for a little while, so Sora and Sunao grabbed a bus stop bench nearby, and Sora tore open the box happily.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Nao-kun!" Sora grinned, popping a whole dark chocolate truffle into his mouth at once.

"Hn." Sunao nibbled a piece of something he thought might be a caramel and wrinkled his nose. "Ugh, coconut."

"Here, trade!" Sora chirped, dropping half of a real caramel in his hand and snatching away the coconut. "I like coconut."

"You already ate half of it," Sunao protested weakly, then gave in and popped it into his mouth when Sora reminded him tartly that even if he did have cooties, Sunao would certainly already have them after last night.

Sunao was licking a bit of melted chocolate off his finger when he noticed Sora was staring at him, jaw dangling and half-chewed coconut chocolate on his tongue.

"What?" Sunao snapped, blushing a little and dropping his hand. "God, close your mouth, you cow!"

"Nothing!" Sora swallowed hard, then coughed violently as the coconut chocolate when down the wrong way.

Matsuri returned, reporting a successful business cooperation in the works, as Sunao was still pounding a coughing Sora on the back, and Sunao had the sinking suspicion that the upcoming White Day was going to be a total disaster on a variety of levels so far as he was concerned.

Especially when a red-cheeked and damp-eyed Sora lifted his head to sheepishly thank Sunao for the Valentine's Day present.

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