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$12 worth of glee

The first season of the x-files for $37 on amazon.

OMFGSQUEE. They're finally releasing the seasons in an affordable manner! Reviewers down below report that the content and packaging seems unchanged to them. Since my father just sent me $25 for amazon, i think we all know what will be in the mail on Jan 30th.

*caresses David Duchovny*

Thanks to everyone who left me hugs for Mulciber, even though I wasn't really up to answering comments. It's weird here without him, I keep thinking things like "I have to pick up some newspaper for...oh." or "I'll save some of this muffin for...oh." But I'm doing okay mostly. I probably won't get another rat until I'm back in PA. My brother called to see how I was doing and said that he doesn't think he can have any more rats, because they just don't live long enough.

I've been attempting to see Underworld for two days, but am just too lazy. Perhaps I will go tonight.
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