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5 pictures that make me happy

This morning, I have five things that are pleasing me endlessly.

I've been talking to a woman in New Hampshire who breeds blue rats, and I'm on the waiting list for their next litter for two boys. I'm really hoping they turn out fuzzy like this little bugger, cause their mom has the curly hair. You know one will be named Jiroh, right? I just want to SCRUNCH their little fur!

i'm not ready for new rats yet, but in six weeks, which is the earliest I could take babies home if I get them out of the very next litter, I will be. Hyoutei rats!

From the doujinshi Guruguru Baby Panic, Celi's chibified entry while Yuuri and Wolfram are arguing about having kids slays me. Gwendal is the angriest chibi ever. God I love Wolfram's mom.

From the same doujinshi, I'm given to understand that Shori impregnates Conrad? You know, i have no idea, but I really loved this panel of Conrad making Shori blush and teasing him. Icons may be in order.

In case you're one of the three people who haven't seen this yet: TEZUKA READING GRAVI *DIES* Nothing we do fannishly can ever ever top the canon in prince of tennis. I love how disgruntled he looks, like you are interrupting really good, and you know that Fuji somehow set this all up so that he could take this picture.

This is in my deck of cards, there's a bigger version here. First of all, i just love that Kirihara and Ryoma hang out randomly, cause they both like to hurt people with tennis balls, and secondly i LOVE the "go bitch go!" written all over their faces. And school colors on the snails! alkjasjkassdlk!

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