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intense Neopets dweebery

Lost Desert Plot prizes are out! I had enough point to even get the top prize (!) but instead opted one further down the list so that I could get a Lost Desert Paint Brush as well (!!!!). And I got the "Qasalan Archaeologist!" trophy on my User Lookup, which is completely classicistly ironic, and I love it.

I've never finished a plot before, nor come even close, even though I've been playing Neopets for like 4 years (shut up).

So i spent way more time on this than I should have last fall, but I can't help feeling now that it was worth it, mainly because of the paint brush. They were kind of a middling prize, so the price of them is sure to drop dramatically for the next little while, so I don't feel bad about using it randomly rather than selling it. I'll probably paint my aisha, although I have a lupe that might be cool as well.

I got the second-to-highest battle weapon, which i almost certainly will sell, and it's hard to tell right now, but will get somewhere in between 500-800k I would say, although until everyone gets their prizes and the market evens out, it'll be impossible to tell. That's about a third of a plushie paintbrush, in the best case scenario.

I've gotten over my squeamishness of blowing the NP on painting my pets, which stems from a real life squeamishness about hoarding money, but I've realized that really the only expensive thing I do is paint them. I don't battle, I don't do the book club or the gourmet club, i don't have a gallery. I do have good petpets (although you wouldn't know it to look at my main account), but those are one-time expenses and generally under 200k. Except for that stupid gallion, but it's super cool, so I won't complain. and its name is Sickles.

The Plushie brush, which would be for my Shoyru, is like 2.4 million. Ouch. I thought it hurt when i bought that Faerie paint brush for my Pteri a few months ago at about 1.3m, but this...this sucks. I have other stuff to do first, i still want an orange grundo, but I did just change my kyrii to a spotted Koi and it felt really good to do something expensive and then actually be able to see it every day on my main account.

So anyway, free paint job! Even though it wasn't one i was planning on, it was a pleasant surprise.

celebratory macaroni and cheese!
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