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The powerbooks is too bilingual

Thanks to some good timing and a little present from olukemi (thank youuuu!), I pre-ordered Asian Kung-fu Generation's new album, which is released next month. Bwee! to celebrate, have my favorite song of theirs (ignore the girly lyrics, it's jrock, i swear):

Kaigan Dori (Coastal Road)

areganai, koremonai, donna kibou mo kanaetai yokubari,
sonna bokura no tarinai mono dake sotto tsutsumu youni
(Don't have this, don't have that, Greed that seeks to grant every wish
As if to softly encompass those very things we lack)

yuu nagi no saigo ni wa yasashiku yuragu kaze
kaigan doori ni haru ga mau
(The wind trembles ever so slightly as the evening calm draws to a close
Spring itself is a dance along the coastal road)

Speaking of, the itunes is not only entirely too creepy, but apparently bilingual. Because as I was making a wallpaper that involved hydrangeas (the flowers), the song "Ajisai Dori" came up, and I had meant to look up 'ajisai' because, as you may have noted above, 'dori' means road or street.

It means 'hydrangea'. Thanks, itunes. Good to know all that anime was teaching somebody something.
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