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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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Only Time Will Tell

Ah! I finally found the song that plays on the 'Conviction' ad that NBC has been running. It's All Will Be Well by The Gabe Dixon Band, and you can get it from their website here.

I know, English music! I'm shocked too. meupatdoes, you will really like them, and musesfool, you probably will too. "Five More Hours?" is also an awesome song.

Still watching early X-files. Still in love with early Mulder's hair and early Scully's shoulder pads.

I have JUST realized that not doing CTY this year means I can do Otakon! BWEE. Who all is going? Anime Boston looks like it is later this year, which in theory would be great, but it might fall the same weekend as my grad school graduation, when my family is up. Bah!

If the dates don't conflict, jedilora, weren't you the one asking me about hanging out? We should do something KKM for sure! *has a sewing machine and everything* I don't want to say that i'd be willing to be Yozak, but uh...let's just say you might have a 'fourth maid' this year...
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