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Fic, Prince of Tennis, Better to Give Than To Receive

title: Better to Give Than To Receive [Oishi/Eiji]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for several kinks Oishi has been storing up (oral, rimming).
Summary: Oishi was sort of wondering where Eiji got off to after practice. It's all Fuji's fault.
AN: it's all Fuji's fault. For golden_pair's Something Out Of the Ordinary Challenge.

Better to Give Than To Receive


Oishi stared stupidly at the sixteen-year-old redhead sprawled out on his back across Oishi's bed, who was looking up at him with plaintive blue eyes and gave a muffled "nyaaaa" around the strip of fabric gagging his mouth. Eiji was very flushed, very naked, and very handcuffed to Oishi's headboard.

The pink, fuzzy cat-ear headband was a nice touch.

"Eiji," Oishi said soothingly, dropping his bag and hurrying to Eiji's side, reaching behind his head to undo the gag's knot and slid it off. Oishi's blankets had been worked into ripples, like water, around Eiji, which meant he must have been there struggling for some time. "Did Fuji do this?"

"Hoi," Eiji sighed, pouting as soon as the fabric was out of the way. He wriggled a little as Oishi ran hands down his arms and chest, checking for other damage; Eiji's arms were probably tingly from being held above his head.

"Tensai," Oishi growled, his fingers tightened on Eiji's skin, but when Eiji gave a soft noise, he loosened his grip immediately. "I'm so sorry, Eiji, I should never have left you alone with him, I know how he gets around Valentine's Day. Especially not after what he did to Kaidoh last year…"

"Inui's eyebrows grew back," Eiji answered, shrugged as best he could while bound. He let out a little sigh as Oishi reached for the handcuffs. "I told him anyway you wouldn't like it."

"Eiji?" Oishi blinked, hand hovering near Eiji's head, right over the cat ears. "That I wouldn't like what?"

"Me," Eiji wriggled a little more to demonstrate, and Oishi suddenly noticed a little red bow in a location that made him swallow. "Like this. I told him nya that you weren't…"

"Who says I don't!" Oishi exclaimed, too loudly, making himself blush and Eiji's jaw drop a little. Oishi twiddled with the very tip of a cat ear. "Uh…"

"Oishi?" Eiji asked softly, then grinned when Oishi lifted his eyes just high enough to look at Eiji's chin, cheeks bright red. "You do like it! Oishiiii."

Oishi never could resist his name said like that, like he was the last piece of eel unagi, and he dragged his eyes up the rest of the way to find Eiji's eyes wide and dark. Eiji's pout had changed to a wide smirk, the corner of his mouth flicking like a cat's tail-tip.

"You planned this!" Oishi accused, his own eyes going wide, then narrowing as he dropped his hands from the cat ear to slide into Eiji's hair, knocking the headband off entirely. He held Eiji's head still as he leaned forward to kiss him bruisingly, swallowing the first half of a surprised "Nya!" Oishi's grip tightened when Eiji tried to move against him, refusing to let him take control of the kiss like he usually did, ravaging that mischievous mouth until it was slack with want.

Another moan of his name, the good way, filled the room when Oishi pulled back, putting a hand to Eiji's stomach and pushing down firmly to keep Eiji's body from following his when he moved back.

"You're the one who wanted to be tied up," Oishi reminded, voice rough, as he stood to strip his shirt off, fingers lingering on the little white buttons until Eiji whimpered and tugged on the handcuffs.

Even when the restrictive uniform was folded neatly over his desk chair, Oishi still didn't return to the bed immediately, but moved just close enough that Eiji couldn't reach for him even with his feet, and ran his gaze slowly over every part of Eiji's smooth, tennis-firm body.

"Oishi!" Eiji protested, a blush starting on the very tip of his nose and spreading down his neck and across his chest when Oishi went right on staring silently. "Weird, Oishi! Don't just stare like that!"

"Why not?" Oishi asked, the completely reasonable tone of his voice making Eiji give a high-pitched noise of frustration. "You're dressed up so nice and everything…" Oishi reached out and tugged on the end of the little red bow.

Eiji's eyebrows shot up and he moaned as Oishi drew the cool ribbon off Eiji's cock, letting the fabric hiss in a swirl around the hot skin so slowly that it seemed like the ribbon would never end.

The sight of Eiji flushed and panting for air was having no small effect on Oishi, and he hadn't even touched Eiji properly yet! But since Eiji couldn't take matters into his own hands, Oishi fully intended to take full advantage of the situation. Oishi didn't miss the glitter of blue eyeing him as he slid onto the bed in between Eiji's knees, pressing Eiji's thighs flat against the bed with firm palms.

"Oishi!" Eiji gasped when Oishi bent to lick Eiji's tip, dragging his tongue torturously over the soft, hot skin. "Nya, but I can't…"

"I know." Oishi grinned wickedly, and Eiji's lips formed an almost comical 'o' as Oishi took the first inch or so of Eiji into his mouth and sucked. Eiji never let Oishi get the whole way through, dragging him up for kisses or rolling him over to reciprocate, fights that Eiji always won because of his flexibility and sneakiness.

But Eiji wasn't going to win today, bless Fuji's twisted, black heart.

"Hunh!" Eiji rattled the handcuff chain a little, but and Oishi thought fleetingly of the wood of his headboard stripping, but the situation seemed funny rather than troublesome when his tongue was pressed the length of Eiji's shaft and buzzing with every groan Eiji gave.

He couldn't move his hands far from Eiji's thigh, since his doubles partner showed no signs of giving up his futile struggling, but he dug knuckles into the creases of Eiji's thighs, brushed thumbs over his sac, and pinched bits of the pale skin between his fingers until Eiji was littered with tiny red marks. They barely showed under Eiji's furious blush, but he'd have to be careful how he changed in the clubroom for the next few days.

If Oishi were going to pay Eiji back for every unfortunately placed mark Eiji had ever left on him, they'd be there much longer than Fuji's handcuffs would hold out. Oishi settled for lifting his mouth from Eiji's cock just long enough to leave a bitemark to the left of his navel, then tonguing the mark until Eiji's whole body shuddered under his hands.

"No, Oishi!" Eiji protested as Oishi brought two fingers up to his mouth and sucked them, meeting Eiji's gaze deliberately as he ran his tongue over the edges of his fingers. Eiji tried to squirm away, but Oishi just grinned harder and pushed Eiji's smooth, muscled stomach down into the bed to hold him still and dropped the slick fingers down to tease at Eiji's entrance.

"Yes," Oishi answered, pressing the first finger in and replacing his mouth over Eiji's cock, and "Yes" again when Eiji's nearly insensible pleas earned him the second finger, and then it felt like Oishi just couldn't stop saying yes, humming it in the back of his throat as Eiji pulsed in his mouth and writhed on his fingers.

"Mean, Oishi," Eiji sighed, slumping back against the bed, body warm and pliant in the aftermath of his orgasm. "Can't even touch you, nya! Fuji left the key in your drawer, you better let me out."

Oishi didn't even dignify that with a response as he withdrew his fingers from Eiji's slick heat, just chuckled darkly as he shifted his position a little further down on the bed.

"I mean it! Oi—ooooh!" Eiji cracked his head against the headboard hard when Oishi ran his tongue firmly over Eiji's entrance, teasing the still-sensitive skin.

Eiji's usual protests about how it was dirty and embarrassing were completely garbled as Oishi pressed his tongue inside, and it wasn't like Oishi ever listened to them anyhow during the few times Eiji let him do this. He could barely even hear Eiji's noises over the blood rushing in his ears when Eiji's thighs were brushing his cheek and Eiji was hot and dark across his tongue.

Oishi was so dizzy by the time he pushed himself up to crawl over Eiji that he felt like he might fall off the bed, especially without Eiji's hands grabbing at him as he slid his own aching erection deep into Eiji. He usually went much, much slower than this, so careful it made both of them crazy, but Eiji didn't seem to mind this time as he whined hoarsely and wrapped legs around Oishi's waist.

Dropping his head to Eiji's shoulder and pressing his forehead against the sweat-slicked skin, Oishi let his control slip completely, half-blacking out when Eiji tightened around him and slicked their stomachs with his release.

"Owwww," Eiji protested softly a few minutes later, and Oishi hid his face a few seconds longer, ashamed of how selfish he'd been. Eiji was squirming underneath him, though, making him feel even guiltier.

"I'm so sorry, Eiji," Oishi murmured, picking himself up enough to open his bedside drawer and hunt around for the handcuff key. He couldn't meet Eiji's eyes as he fiddled the handcuffs open. "Can you forgive me for being too rough?"

"Nya, not that!" Eiji snapped, making Oishi look after all in surprise. Eiji was struggling to get his stiff fingers to rub the back of his head. "I hit my head! I've got a big lump!"

"A-ah," Oishi blinked, then his face softened into a smile as he reached behind Eiji's head to help soothe the bump, and Eiji tumbled forward to cuddle against his chest, arms flailing and a little useless yet. "Happy Valentine's Day, Eiji-tan."

"Mn," Eiji murmured, rubbing his cheek against Oishi's shoulder, "you too…Oishi?"

"What?" Oishi ran fingers down Eiji's spine.

"What's that little green blinking light over there?"


"It seems they discovered us." Fuji gave a little sigh of regret as he flipped off the TV, but he was smiling when he turned to Inui.

"Optimal camera placement," Inui complimented, finishing some hurried notes in his notebook, a few of Fuji's cacti nudged to the side so he could use the windowsill as a writing surface. "Several inches to the left would have decreased the chances of discovery by 7%, but the angle would have been all wrong for several key action sequences."

"Ah, true," Fuji brushed fingertips through his hair thoughtfully. "But once we complete the Inui Spy Aquarium Diver…saa, so late already? Apologies, Inui, but I'll have to kick you out now."

The bright sunlight when Fuji opened the front door made Inui blink, dazzled, after the dim of Fuji's room, so it took him a few moments to realize that Tezuka and Echizen were standing on the front stoop, both holding up cell phones and glaring at each other.

"…called me and said…Inui?" Tezuka's eyebrow raised a millimeter more and he flicked a gaze over Inui's shoulder at Fuji.

"Fuji invited you too?" Ryoma asked, tilting his head back to peer at Inui from under the brim of his cap for a second, then tugged it down further over his eyes. "Kinky, Fuji-sempai."

"Echizen!" Tezuka barked, but Fuji was giving Inui a not-so-subtle nudge out the door and ushering the other two regulars in.

"Later, ne?" Fuji gave Inui a final smile and pushed the door firmly shut. Inui had his cell phone in his hand almost before the sound of the latch clicking reached his ears.

But if Tezuka was inside…Inui frowned slightly, thinking for a moment, then punched in another, almost as-familiar number.

"Ah, Kaidoh!" A ruckus kicked up behind the door and Inui stepped away so he could hear better. "I am at Fuji's house, and I just saw…how did you know that?...Momoshiro? There?...Ah…I'll be right there."

Inui clicked the phone off just as a "TEN LAPS NOW" rang out through the Fuji's door.

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