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Aim for the Sky!

Attention fellow Aim for the Sky! ficcers (e.g. prillalar):

So Marks and I were discussing what who we got and who we need. Right now we have Sato (goal), Tachiki (Defenseman), Asakawa (midfielder), Misaki (attackman), Tsukada (?), the streaker Kazuhiro (?), and the freshman. And also a manager. I had a site that had a good description of what each position needs characteristic-wise, which of course i can't relocate now, but this one is pretty good and has a glossary.

did you have a position for Tsukada? I was thinking that he'd be a mid-fielder, because they're responsible for seeing the whole game and shifting back and forth over the mid-line to keep their numbers legal, and none of the other boys seem exactly up to the task in the beginning. But if you had him pegged as something else, for sure! You are the boss.

I was thinking Kazuhiro would be an attackman, since they "use speed and agility to elude defenders" and, you know, streaker. Of further note is the fact that Kazuhiro is a first name, while everybody else's name is a last name (right?), I guess I should come up with a last name for him, haha.

Marks suggests "Harada" as a name for the freshman, it sounds kind of cute and generic to me and I like it. I have no plans for him, but i'm sure he thinks he'd make a killer defender. You can do whatever with him.

I have nothing, neither position nor name for the Canadian. He likes to check people; defender? anything you like, really.

so we have two blank spots to make a team of ten yet. I was thinking, I said twins were hot earlier, but I was just saying to marks that what would be really hilarious was if there was just one twin, and they didn't even know he was a twin at first, till they confused him with his sibling at a match or something, AND THEN in the very end it would turn out that the twins were switching off sport clubs with each other, which suddenly explains his slight split-personality. In the spirit of the shounen sport love, maybe it should all come out when one twin refuses to stop doing lacrosse anymore, and they have a big fight in the locker room or something. Is that way way too weird?

so we are still short a guy then. Who do you want? is there stuff you've been thinking about? guys you want? Should we have a data guy? we don't want to dictate or anything, we want to know what you've got over there!

and maybe some first names :) lol, and since they are japanese, blood types, cause that's clearly SO RELEVANT.
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