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I hope your nt implying thee gay.

Last night, around 2am, my site had it's 1000th hit! w00t! (Actually it's closer to 3,500, but i didn't have a counter for a long while, and I didn't want to be cheated out of my milestone)

So i decided to get a account finally. Does anybody else think the abbreviation is hilarious? "Here's my FF.N account!" In the midst of putting up some stuff, i got a reveiw for Disease-Addled Puppy Love that read as follows:

Hm... That was interesting, i think. It kinda seemed like a romance scene but it was between Remus and Sirius thats not right. I hope your nt implying thee gay.

Implying? Hells no, I'm SAYING thee gay! SiRe forever!

and a word about psuedonyms: Mine have been getting confusing of late, depending on where my fiction is posted. Mousapelli is Sprunkers is Dazzler is me. I am them and they are me and we are all togeeeeether.
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