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The latin students and the ipod

On Wednesday, during long block, one of my Latin students got ahold of my new ipod and began to peruse it. He and his neighbors then roundly abused me for my music selection, in particular getting some loud amusement over the prescence of Sclub7 (dude, i have 30 GB of music, they can't all be winners!).

When i got in the car after school and went to plug in the ipod, i discovered that they had also turned my ipod's language to Greek. but HAHA the joke's on them, because i can read Greek! I pieced together enough words to figure out how to change it back. Who said a Classicist education isn't good for anything?

Today, when that class rolled around again, the boy who stole the ipod originally handed me a cd.

"It's the Winterpills," he said, giving me the sort of grin that only adorable blond sophomores with improbable names and big brown eyes can. "You didn't have them. And you have to."

Pardon me while I DIE OF CUTE. And also of the funny, because one of the songs is honestly called "Pills for Sara".

So, the Winterpills, who are a slow kind of Indie folk almost-rock. What should I give him in return? It is very very mellow. I was thinking about either Fooled by April, or maybe Snow Patrol. Any suggestions?
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