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Baby Rats!

I found a girl reasonably near me who had two litters of accidental rats (oops) and I ended up taking four of her boys.

yes, four. yes, i know. i know. You all wish you had four baby rats. 5 weeks old! so soft and tiny! *in love*

There's Atobe (blue berkshire), Jiroh (Beige with splotches), Shishido (Black with white socky feet), and Ohtori (beige). Both beiges are going to have points (dark noses and butts) like their mom.

so omfg cute~.

rat pile 2 beige 1 footie
rat pile

The boys immediately pile into the hammock. I am so in love with the teensy floppiness.
2 beige 1 footie

Shishido smooshes in between Ohtori and Jiroh. Jiroh, btw, has been asleep in the hammock the entire time they've been home so far.
atobe jiroh is breaking out

Atobe seems to think this platform is his.
jiroh is breaking out

at least i think this is Jiroh. Jiroh has splotches on his side and Ohtori is a little darker, but in pictures, it's really hard to tell who i caught.
atobe and shishido Ohtori
atobe and shishido

this picture slays me. Atobe and Shishido run over to where I am all the time and like fling themselves at the bars for attention. and they don't even like me yet! this is going to be trouble.

This is actually Ohtori, i believe, who can't eat by the food bowl for some reason, but must take the lab blocks back to the hammock for consumption.

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