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More (better) rat pictures

I can tell Ohtori and Jiroh apart with reasonable accuracy at this point, but I darkened up Ohtori's natural ear splotch with a sharpie so i would be sure right away. I don't want to train them to the wrong names!

Atobe is still the only one who will come down the ramp to hang out with me, he's a total attention whore. Last night he spent a good five minutes trying to wake up Jiroh with Ohtori, and then in the end gave up and used Jiroh to lean against so he could groom his crotch. I swear that I named them before i started watching them, really!

Atobe says what? noodles! Ore-sama is pleased.
Atobe says what?

Anytime you go near the cage, Atobe pops up first. "BE AWED BY ORE-SAMA'S FUZZY BELLY."
noodles! Ore-sama is pleased.

He was also the only one as of this morning who had figured out that the ladder was actually a way to get out of their cage.
Shishido says what? Jiroh: FOOD? YAY.
Shishido says what?

Shishido has actually been really shy today. But last night, he was closest to the wall in the hammock, and there was some sleepy teeth-grinding. awwwwww.
Jiroh: FOOD? YAY.

Jiroh was the second one who figured out the ladder, and was only too happy to partake of the noodles and wrestling.
YAY AND THANK YOU. The Silver Pair is not convinced

And he wasn't fooling around, either.
The Silver Pair is not convinced

Shishido and Ohtori eventually figured out the top of their cage was open, but were still not down with coming down the second ramp.
noodles for all kampai!
noodles for all

Shishido-san actually slipped down the ramp (oops), but then was placated with noodles. Ohtori is still wibbling up on the cage, shuffling back and forth.

they all must drink at the same time? I actually suspect their water bottle is a bit non-effective, and it takes more than one of them pushing to pop the little ball bearing up, so i'm going to get another bottle today.

Additionally, the rat wrestling is the funniest thing i have ever seen. You can totally hear them saying "I WON'T LOSE TO YOU!" at each other. Except for Ohtori, who totally got pwned by Shishido last night about 4 times in a row, and now just rolls over and takes it.
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