Kitayama might be taking a picture of this (mousapelli) wrote,
Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

Mouse A Pelli, Sooper Genius

No, if you were going to ask, i'm not going to stop taking pictures anytime soon. The rats don't even really seem to mind it! they just go on with their business.

Went to petsmart to exchange the water bottle (the new one has a floaty turtle in it!), and also bought a bunch of foam board to make a pen out of, because we used the bathtub to hang out in last night, and that's never happening ever again. omg cold tile >.<

blurry silver pair corner popcorn
blurry silver pair

aw, so cute. I put a great big brown sharpie dot over Ohtori's shoulder so that there will be no more confusion.
corner popcorn

I tossed some popcorn into the pen to keep the boys occupied while I replaced the towels in their cage with fleece. Atobe refused to get in the picture, cause he was hopping up and down on the other side of the pen where I was.
sleepy pile hell yeah i built this
sleepy pile

How many pictures of the ratpile have I taken already? It just can't get any cuter.
hell yeah i built this

Used 6 pieces of Elmer's foamboard and some judicious duct tape to make this pen that I can sit in with the boys, and that also folds up to put away. Customization! Genius!
mmm, popcorn shishido is on top
mmm, popcorn

more corner popcorn. Following this, a rolling ball of wrestling rats went by like the sort of fights you only see in cartoons. Atobe got pwned by every single other rat. twice.
shishido is on top

Everyone else is sleeping underneath the fleece. This is totally typical, I find Shishido sleeping sort of not really in the pile all the time.
and then on the bottom shishido-san is losing ground
and then on the bottom

This is also typical. I think he goes to sleep before everyone else, and then they just act like he isn't there.
shishido-san is losing ground

and yet MORE buried. Also, all four rats have developed honorifics, which is completely freakish. Shishido-san, Atobe-sama, Ohtori-kun, and Jiroh-tan.

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