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Atobe Zooooooone

The Hyoutei boys are all changing color as their undercoats grow in, some of them overnight! They're getting big and stuff. Have a duck some pictures.

Atobe's box Get off the Stage!
Atobe's box

This might be the cutest picture I have ever taken. All four rats are, against all logic, in the tissue box.
Get off the Stage!

Hee, tail hook! Ohtori says no.
Clean Tails Buzzuh?
Clean Tails

The boys had their first bath today, and took it reasonably well. Look at those pink little tails!

From early in the week, when Shishido hadn't started changing color yet. He's never chilling out with the other rats, what's up with that?
Siamese Seal Points Shishido's Silvering
Siamese Seal Points

All four rats have been changing color as their undercoats grew in. Turns out I don't have beige berks, I have Siamese Seal Points! their beige fur all lightened to cream, and their noses and butts are coffee-colored.
Shishido's Silvering

Shishido's undercoat is growing in silver or maybe blue, it's hard to tell. But he's got silver hairs sprinkled all over him now.
Mmm, Froot Loops Damp, Grumpy Boys
Mmm, Froot Loops

I placated the boys with some Froot Loops. Usually there is piteous meeping during baths, but all four boys took it stoically. They must have had baths as teensy kittens from the woman i got them from.
Damp, Grumpy Boys

That doesn't mean they were overtly pleased by the process, though. That's Jiroh, by the way. He and Ohtori have different sized light strips across their foreheads, so now I can tell them apart for sure.

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