Kitayama might be taking a picture of this (mousapelli) wrote,
Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

  • Mood: is sick of me

Two cds i'm dying for are both released tomorrow, so now I'm in the stage where I compulsively check my order status on cdJapan a couple times a day.

It just changed to "in shipping process." My order is about to be shipped!

See?! I'm not the only one shipping Keita/Ryohei/Ryuichi! cdJapan ships them too! And, uh, Asian Kung-Fu Generation as well, apparently.

Uh, maybe we should stop talking about this. soon the US postal service will be shipping w-inds. for me. ALL WILL FALL.

HAPPY WHITE DAY! Anybody want one-sentence fics to celebrate? Leave some characters/ridiuculous prompts.
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