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Plans for Friday Night

1. Gorge self on broccoli-less Chicken Broccoli Casserole--check.

It's my mom's recipe, and it involves riceroni and sharp cheddar, and then you put this sauce on top that is a can of cream of chicken soup and then 1/2 cup mayo and a few dashes of lemon, and i know it sounds bad, hell it LOOKS bad too, but then you bake it for 40 minutes and suddenly it is THE BEST THING EVAR.

and then you put it in the fridge for a day or two and it KILLS YOU WITH GOOD. MMMM.

2. Watch X-files until something freaks me out too much to sleep--on it.

Last weekend it was "Blood". KILL. DO IT NOW.

3. Knit a gauge swatch so I can start my cardigan--up next.

I am such a dweeb, being totally ecstatic to start knitting a cardigan. Seriously. My mentor teacher has one she knitted that I was totally jealous of, but you know she's a 60-something Latin teacher, so it kind of makes a lot more sense when she is like "LOOKIT MY COOL CARDIGAN PATTERN".

We are so totally the same person, it's ridiculous. a few weeks ago i told her i couldn't make rice, just can't, and she was like "OMG ME TOO!" and she thought it was so funny that she actually bought me a microwave rice cooker for an early birthday present.

4. Sleep until roughly the second coming--oh hell yes.

Or until the postman arrives with my cds tomorrow morning, pleasepleaseplease.
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