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Grr! Arg!

The rats would so not make it in the wild. This is probably news to nobody, especially if you have ever had a pet of any kind, but specifically I have something in mind here.

The rats and I play this game, which, for lack of a real name, I like to call "GRR! ARG!" The game is played like this: With the rats free in a reasonably large area, either their pen or my bed, I yell "GRR! ARG!" at them in dinosaur fashion and snatch at them as they scamper by (actually, because i just watched a ton of One Piece, sometimes I go "YAG YAG YAG" at them like that giant, Dorry).

Once caught, the rat is scooped into the air, flipped onto his back, and then I go "MMM!" while I pretend to eat them belly first. The 'eaten' rat is then dropped back onto the bed/ground from a height of two or so feet, and pursuit of a different rat ensues.

You would think that rats, being a diet staple for many things that go "GRR! ARG!" and snatch them off the ground, would become HARDER to catch as the game went on, because they didn't like being yelled at and scooped up and flung around and chewed on a little and then dropped.

BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG. As the game continues, it ceases to be a game, because the rats fling themselves into my hands in order to be 'eaten'.

So much for the call of the wild. I need a ratpile icon.
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