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You would not believe what I just went through to get my cds. WOULD NOT BELIEVE. I'm reduced to Momoisms!

So i get home, there's indeed a note on the door that says I missed the guy, and it lists on the back of the slip the real post office. now, technically I can't pick up this package until tomorrow, but it's only 4, so I hustle down to the post office downtown to beg them to give it to me. After waiting in line like 25 minutes, the gender indeterminate employee is like "you can't pick this up yet" but then after arguing a few minutes with him, he gives me the number of the courier package station.

So I call, and they transfer me around a little, and finally some guy says that, yes, my carrier is back, and yes he is holding my package in his hands. Success! i floor it out of the other post office parking lot...and get totally lost in shady downtown Burlington, home of the one-lane one-way vortex.

Fifteen or so minutes later, I finally manage to get back on the street where the courier place is, which, by the way, is like on the other side of my apartment complex. So all this time my cds are like 50 yards from my apartment. So I go and get buzzed in and hand over my slip, and the guy disappears for like 15 minutes, but then FINALLY returns with the box.

Which, might I add, is only carrying two cds and yet is about two feet long and probably six inches square along the base. It looks like i am having a RIFLE mailed to me. So the guy asks for ID, because the entire point of this adventure was that I have to sign for it, fucking registered airmail, and I hand over my license.

"Yeah," he says, "but who's Mousapelli?"

"Buzzah?" I say. I then peer quizzically at the label which has been mailed to "Mousa Pelli".

Fuck you too, cdJapan!

So the poor guy is like "I can't give this to you if you don't have ID or proof of address", and then the only thing I have is my twiddly 'i get into Montpelier High sporting events free!' pass, and finally I said "I am not leaving this building without that package."

And that is how I came to threaten to a postal employee that I would strip right there goddammit if he wanted to see my tattoo.

the threat of me naked seemed to do it. And now I am listening to w-inds.
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