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For general consumption:

~Aim for the Sky!~, the first official AftS fansite, is now open! Go check out your favorite lacrosse boys and leave a tooby message in the Shoutbox.

Ganbatte, Seigaku!

Yo, prillalar: Get my email? I just wanted to make sure *g* Other dorky things:

1. Marks and I have come up with some 3-4 line blurbs for the boys, but we left your original guys for you, if you want 'em. If you like us just fangirling you shamelessly, we'll cheerfully write more, but I thought you might want to do at least a couple. If there's anything you want to add or want to redo someplace else on there, go for it! Or just comment me the text or something, I don't mind doing it.

2. on the same note, I went through the Hyoutei manga matches and screencapped virtually every random second year I saw, and stuck them up in a gallery, and then we picked out some guys we wanted as the cap for the profile page. If there's anybody you like better someplace, from other matches or whereever you like, we can change any of them. Marks is still hunting down a Kobagin, because it's kind of hard to find people who aren't :[] all the time.

2a. Konami totally draws the same like dozen or so boys over and over, so not only is there this kid who is flagrantly Harada, usually with him there is this OTHER big-eyed first year who looks teensy and scared and silent, and I think Harada is using him like a pet. "Who's that?" "Him? Nobody, he's just carrying my stuff." "Does he talk?" "Eh, who knows."

My favorite cap is the guy who we're using as Tsukada (pending your approval) looking long-suffering while flanked by his pet freshman and his pet freshman's pet freshman.

2b. All those pictures are LJ size, 100x100, because I'm sure eventually I'll make a billion icons anyway.

3. Any ideas for given names for the boys who are missing them? Asakawa needs something to moan with clasped hands and stars in his eyes.

4. Somehow it came out (or maybe it's always been that way) that Harada isn't a regular, so we're still down a boy. I know we had a bunch of ideas eventually, but I think a few of them got merged into Kobayashi, except for the kid who keeps getting in trouble for fighting and is thus sportally inelegible most of the time, if you want him. Or whatever other idea you want.

The ongoing drama of being one man down on and off kind of helps, since we have people who switch positions (Tachiki esp) and the twin confusion, and then Harada can play a little in emergencies, but I was just wondering what your thoughts were about that.

5. (this list is ridiculously long; we aren't crazy, really) So, while I don't have a burning desire to write a billion fake episode summaries, Marks and I thought it might be funny to just come up with those generically bizarre anime episode titles, and we just tossed a few around late the other night on YM because we are losers. These were the sorts of things that were said:

Episode 1: Captain, my Captain!
Episode 12: Ryusei in the Air with Courage!
Episode 22: Tachiki's Magazine (marksykins: this of course is the seminal episode where tachiki loses his ever-present magazine and it's passed on from team member to team member until marty gets his hands on it and announces gleefully I FUCKING LOVE JAPAN)
Episode 31: Two?! Kichida's Confession!
Episode 32: Kazuhiro's Exciting Day
Episode 59: Put Down The Stick, Marty-Sempai

6. I'm going to totally forget for the 16th time if i don't write it down, but the younger Kichida twin's name is Kinsho. Also, the non-lacrosse twin sport is baseball (unless you had a better plan) because Marks likes when they call themselves baseball boys.

7. We should chat! Got some free time this weekend? I'll be kicking around grading papers, so I'm free as Kazuhiro's boys the wind, baby.

marksykins, anything to add? I totally wrote a tiny bit of Marty-sempai/Harada.

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