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anybody have the song "Blue Bird" by Cocco? I can find tons of her, but not that single, and after watching Vital, it is of great importance that I own it.

Unrelatedly, anybody have the Space Ghost clip "Pancreas"? My ipod says no to my copy.

Things I did today:

1. Laundry.
2. cleaned rat cage. I thought I could get away with not doing this one week, but four rats. no, just no.
3. Some grading! got frustrated and quit halfway through. gah, stupid kids.
4. made soup! beef vegetable. It's good stuff.
5. Watched Vital (see above). Involves more breathplay than I wanted, and interpretive dancing. Hmm. Watching the credits four times to mine for names. 'Keisuke' warring with 'Hikaru' for current favorite.
6. Chatted with prillalar, who I may have frightened with my intense fannish ocd (ganbatte, hal!), and marksykins who is totally used to my intense fannish ocd. Debated starting the AftS comm and naming it "Tachiki's Magazine" (other suggestions welcome below).
7. Burned a bunch of stuff off my external i could put a bunch of stuff from my computer on it. Damn you One Piece!
7a. Bemoaned the fact that Luffy has a completely fuckable older brother with a mispelled tattoo (ASCE). I can't even begin to express the complete and wrong unfairness of there being a shirtless and lustable one piece character (But i don't want to hear a single word about it from you freaks, because you all ship Ryoma and he is 12. 12.).
8. DLed just about every Cocco song there is besides Blue Bird, although not for lack of squinting at katakana.
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