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Remix Reveals!

So in case you didn't get the memo, GO READ SIMPLE GIFTS (Prince of Tennis, Eiji/Oishi). It's prillalar, and it's fucking genius and if you go read it on her journal, there is a special AftS bonus! I love Hal. With all my twisted, black, fannish heart.

Things that I remixed this year:

Metonymy (The Ragin' Meijin Remix) for marksykins,
from Metaphor, Hikaru no Go.
Four Meijin matches that Touya Akira doesn't win, and one that's still up for debate.

It's totally hilarious that Hal wrote me a 5 things, and i wrote Marks a 5 things, and i've been dying to laugh about that publicly all week long. HAHAHAHAHAHA five things.

Pinches (yes, plural, oh baby):

Best Laid (The Easy as π Remix) for prillalar,
from According To..., Prince of Tennis, Inui/Kaidoh.
Inui needs a plan.

Yes, we are an incestuous bunch. Marks betaed for me, just to make things good and nested. I can't even tell you how thrilled i was to pinch Hal, and that was even before i totally knew it was her who had written mine (BATTLE PENCILS).

Momentary Seizure (The Hold Me Like a God Remix) for Amy Fortuna,
from Hot One, Velvet Goldmine, Curt/Brian.
Curt is amused.

And finally, Insomnia (The Games We Play Remix), co-authored with marksykins, for Arslan,
from Insomnia, Death Note, Raito/L.
Raito hasn't slept in days, and L takes matters into his own hands.

Giant thanks to musesfool, who slaved away like a fiend and fixed everything thing I broke, and put on the BEST REMIX EVER.
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