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I think it would be totally sexy to do something like fanfic100, but

A) I always go a little crazy like this when I'm busy at the end of a semester. Do you people remember the 24 hour Ficathon? Almost two years ago now. Time flies, ne? but my point is, crazy.

B) I don't find a lot of the prompts very compelling. Don't get me wrong, it's hard to write good prompts, cause they have to be not so vague that they aren't interesting, but not so specific that we all write the same story. The 20 Themes lists are good at this, because they're fandom specific.

C) Prince of Tennis general series, the only thing for which i might have 100 fics in me, is already claimed anyway. Also claims make me itchy. I what i want to do when I want to do it, and i don't see why you care if more than one person is writing you the hot hot inui/kaidoh. Whatever.

Conclusion: Probably not, although maybe i will see what the 20 Themes for PoT look like. If they are split up by school, and there are 20 themes for 5 schools...

anyway, back to grading. woot.
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