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Katsuno wa Fudomine, Shousa wa...


Ebay, $60, from Singapore, and i examined the mailing label and return address with geekful glee. Happy early birthday to me!

Ah, it's so sexy and comfortable! I though it would be windbreakery, but it's really that slightly fuzzy suede kind of stuff, and the inside is lined with net. The school name is printed on, and the armband is a much more gorgeous hot pink than the picture shows.

There are awesome suede-y, net-lined pants to match, but I am a little too fat for them, haha. It totally makes me want to lost 20 pounds. best motivation ever!

It's seriously a better jacket than some i've actually bought in stores. the whole thing is gorgeous and comfortable and high quality. and the teensy boyhood kills me! *loves all over* I've been wearing it while I grade Latin papers.

PS to Latin II student: the participle is not an "urban" adjective.
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