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Did enough work in art class, time for LJ

I've been listening to the Switchfoot album constantly, and due to the advent of the ipod, that really does mean constantly (as in, heard it a dozen or so times so far today). Because Sirius/Remus seems to be all i do lately, it's Puppyslash bunnying me like MAD, especially "Dare You To Move" "This is Your Life" and "Twenty-Four Hours". But i'm not bad enough to do a songfic (the HORROR). Yet.

I've been thinking that i need to force myself to write other pairings. or even *gasp* another fandom. I feel like the boys will forgive me if i do something else for awhile. Hell, they might even thank me (they've GOT to be exhausted from the PWPs by now). Maybe i should even work on the Neville story that is three-fifths done (sorry Neville). It's going to be SO DAMN GOOD if it would just finish itself *puffs irritatedly*

I exceeded my site's fairly heavy bandwidth for the month (it's all because of sociofemme's pr0n ring) and greg graciously upped my bandwidth until we can figure out if this month was a fluke or not. It looks like some more streamlining of the page is going to have to occur. Who the hell figured I'd be so popular? ^_^*
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