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Darth Vader vs the Japanese Police. It's so fucking true. *dies and dies* Thanks, Pru.

Things accomplished so far:
~Shounen breakfast (OISHI DA!)
~Gas in truck
~Cap and gown and hood and tassel acquired
~Father called to say mother forced him to put money on my visa (WOOHOO)
~Visa further paid back down to something i can look at. not pretty, but I can look at it.

How did people do this before credit cards? It isn't like i'm buying crazy shit up here! i just need food! and a graduation hood! And so much of my entertainment is free and internetful, if I were up here with no internet, lord knows what I would have spent on books and movies at this point, but that is all a moot question because lacking LJ and internet friends I would have gone home with my tail between my legs long ago.

Up next, portfolio! huzzah. And then green tea frappachino *glee*
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