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who the hell is chorusa?

The new icon comes from musesfool fic Phantom Pain which made me cry last night, and had the line "Kissing Sirius was like flying for the first time...a shock to the system that never gets old, never loses its ability to excite and surprise." it was Bill/Remus, but i didn't care because it was just that good.

I went to the York Galleria and bought two new ponies today *squee* Spring Fever and Applejack, whose tea set seems to come with a gravy boat? It's very strange. and pink.

I also got the makings of a kickass halloween costume: the Death of Teenagers. It involves a hockey stick, a black hoodie, and a t-shirt which will soon read "I Make Dead People." Pratchett, eat your heart out.

I emailed Harry and the Potters to tell them the story of Ellen's birthday present mishap and got this response: "Right... "girl you were buying this for" ...sure."

honestly, between getting condescending emails from Harry Potter (Year 7) and being commented by lastmarauder, its no wonder I write so much damn fanfiction. "Fictional? The hell they are, they email me! and like it when i write smut!"
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