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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

Theme 11, But why is the rum/lube/porn gone?

Title: Wet Dream [Ohtori/Shishido]
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for Hyoutei showering.
Summary: Shishido is not as alone in the showers as one might think. Ever.
AN: Mousapelli's Birthday Theme 11: Why is the rum/porn/lube gone?

Wet Dream

It wasn't often that Shishido lingered in the showers after the others had all come and gone, but something had twinged wrong in his thigh during his last dash to catch up with Oshitari's Tsubame Gaeshi, and the hot water felt good pouring over it.

So he took his time lathering up his hair, scowling a little at himself as he still tried to run his fingers through long strands and met only air. The scent of vanilla filled the shower stall, making Shishido give a different type of scowl, an old one that was sad around the edges.

He could do without the memories that scent brought back, but he'd run out of his usual shampoo, and this was shoved in the back of his cubby, underneath a towel that smelled much more comfortingly like sweat and Choutarou.

The real trouble was that not all of the memories that smell brought back were bad ones. In fact, the most prominent one at the moment involved this very shower stall, Atobe's hands clutching bruises into his thighs and the shower faucet digging bruises into the small of his back…

Oh fuck it, Shishido thought, he was in the shower alone after all, and there wasn't anybody around to ask any stupid questions. It didn't hurt a guy to indulge once in a while…

He had just closed his hand around his cock and tilted his head back with a sigh of pleasure, when a chuckle behind him nearly made him jump out of his skin. Whirling around, he found one very amused kouhai with very big brown eyes.

The better to see Shishido with, and Ohtori was taking full advantage.

"Geez, Choutarou!" Shishido exclaimed, covering himself with one hand and trying to turn towards the wall and keep his eyes on Ohtori at the same time. "Can't a guy get a little privacy?"

"Don't stop on my account." Ohtori's purr made goosebumps run up Shishido's arms. He held up a white, plastic bottle. "I just thought you might need this."

"Ah, thanks," Shishido reached for the bottle, "but you know, I don't really have enough hair these days to make conditioner worth it…"

Ohtori's grin widened as he held the bottle up just out of Shishido's reach. "I wasn't thinking for your head exactly…"

Shishido's groan was muffled by Ohtori's kiss as he advanced, pushing Shishido up against the wall of the shower stall. He stretched up on his toes to wrap an arm around Ohtori's neck and kissed him back fiercely, until his lips started to sting.

Ohtori drew back, breathing hard, and Shishido dazedly watched him pull away, hair sticking to his forehead in pewter-colored ringlets from the shower water. Shishido groaned softly as he heard Ohtori snap the top of the conditioner open and then the whine of air being squeezed out of the bottle. He leaned forward to press his forehead against Ohtori's neck and nip his collarbone when long fingers brushed slickly over his entrance.

Their height difference meant that they probably shouldn't have been trying this on the wet tiles of the shower, but the hours Ohtori had spent serving over and over meant his shoulders flexed powerfully under Shishido's fingers when Ohtori gripped the back of his thighs and lifted. The muscles in Shishido's leg twinged again as he wrapped them tightly around Ohtori's waist, bracing his back against the shower wall, but he wasn't a dash specialist for nothing.

"It's okay, right, Shishido-san?" Ohtori breathed against his ear, and Shishido moaned his answer as he pushed himself down carefully onto Ohtori.

It was a hell of a lot better than okay when Ohtori's callused fingers slid down to get a better grip on Shishido's ass and pushed him into just the right position, and then Shishido tilted his head back against the tile to see Ohtori staring down at him with those deep brown eyes and a grin that Shishido should have never taught him as he snapped his hips up and made Shishido's vision spark.

"Fuck, Choutarou," Shishido gasped, leaning forward again to get a better grip around Ohtori's shoulders and sucking on the water-smooth curve of his neck. "Fuck, right there, just like that!"

Shishido could feel the grin curving against his skin. "One shot to your…"

"Choutarou!" Ohtori laughed until Shishido bit down hard on the pulse thudding under his tongue, then he used Shishido's name like a five-star curse and thrust harder, the line of his back under Shishido's hand like his serve, clean and sharp and gorgeous as Shishido came

screaming awake, bolt upright with his heart pounding and his cock rock hard, back prickling in a cold sweat.

He put his head in his hands and took several open-mouthed gasps of air, whole body shaking.

" 'Shido-san?" Ohtori mumbled beside him, peering at him with half-open eyes from a tangle of most of the blankets. "Did you have the dream again where your racket comes out from under the bed and tries to eat you?"

Shishido's voice refused to work on the first try, but he swallowed hard and managed a grunted, "Yes," before flopping back down on his side, trying to force his body to relax.

He hissed when the blankets were draped over his shoulder and hip in a smooth fall, and the warm line of Ohtori curled along his back.

"You're a terrible liar, you know," Ohtori murmured in his ear just as his hand curled around Shishido's aching cock.

Ohtori's slender-strong fingers slid over Shishido in all the right ways, knowing exactly where to squeeze and where to drag, and gave in after only a few minutes, whispering Ohtori's name hoarsely with on arm thrown backwards to curl over Ohtori's waist.

"So," Ohtori said as he was sucking his fingers clean, Shishido slumped against the pillow and watching in exhausted infatuation, "if you tell me what that dream was actually about, I might be able to do something for you."

"Other than make me die of embarrassment?" Shishido asked, flushing in both heat and discomfort as he imagined explaining the shower and the conditioner to Ohtori, and he leaned over to sink teeth into Ohtori's collarbone to distract them both.


The shower was a lot different in the light of day when surrounded by teammates, Shishido groused to himself as he tried to shampoo his hair as quickly as possible. He had sort of been hoping to not shower in this particular stall for quite some time, but it had been the last one open, and when Oshitari had raised an eyebrow at him, towel slung low on his hips and Kansaiben rolling smooth over Shishido's skin, and asked if he was waiting for something, Shishido had snapped that he wasn't and stomped into the stall.

Which brought him exactly to where this whole mess had started. Shishido grit his teeth against the pulse of his erection and leaned down to grab the conditioner.

Which wasn't there.

"The hell," Shishido growled, looking down. Why was the conditioner gone, he'd put it right…

Turning to search further and finding Ohtori grinning at him made Shishido grab his chest and nearly break his neck on the tile. Shishido cursed weakly as his cock waved hello and inquired whether Ohtori came here often.

"Did you know, Shishido-san," Ohtori flipped the top of the conditioner open with his thumb and the scent of vanilla filled the stall, "that you talk in your sleep?"
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