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I have survived!

So I survived the weekend, the break, the birthday, etc, and all 24 themes went up with three minutes to spare.

And I got lots of shiny presents!

marksykins wrote me The Secret Language of Twins and Antioxidant Properties, and something else that i'm not supposed to talk about but eheheheheehe yes.

laylah wrote me Secret Dragon Hero Mission and it tickles me on a variety of levels that she's writing in AftS!

prillalar wrote me Thank You, Come Again which cemented the fact that Asakawa is a bimbo and filled me with glee.

shiva_dawn drew me totally adorable Inui and Kaidoh with a bonus expression by Katsuo. And then also illustrated Pants are for the Weak (not worksafe) which tickled me in all sorts of ways. Our first AftS! fanart!

and musesfool just loves me *g*

Thanks to everybody for your birthday wishes and for not telling me to shut up when i posted about twenty billion times in a row.
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