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Break It Up

I'm failing utterly to work even though I only have a handful of things I have to finish for my portfolio. I'm just so freaking tired. But I was cruelly amused when one of the undergraduates who've been adding to the ridiculous pointlessness of my one class showed up last night with no portfolio. None. Nothing.

"What do you mean?" she exclaimed, eyes wide and damp. "Who reads the syllabus?"

Gekokujou--SUCCESS. -v-

Shishido's song "GEKI-DASA DAZE!!" is freaking awesome, in my opinion. I really like his album, and aaaw, Ohtori, what are you doing there? Oh, that's right, you two are engaged I mean doubles partners.

Ohtori totally begged Tachibana to crush Shishido so he'd have Shishido's full attention.

ETA: Shishido, Eiji and Oishi? Lol, Track 11, are you trying to tell me that the Golden/Silver pair Senbatsu fic I may someday write is already canon? Ah, PoT. Nothing I can do will ever top the crack that is canon.
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