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AftS Updates

~Aim for the Sky!~ all updated. I draw attention to new fics by both Marks and Hal, if you haven't seen. Profiles all finished (thanks to Hal) and now the boys all have birthdays and bloodtypes! Misaki's birthday is coming up on May 28th, so we will have to party like a fandom TEN TIMES OUR SIZE.

Actually, we're pretty good at that now.

AND! PONDEROSA IS IN. She wrote Tachiki/Tsukada! SHE DREW TACHIKI. I have not stopped dying of this. IT'S SO FUCKING HOT GO GO GO.

mousapelli: you know who isn't in fic yet? Harada's pet freshmen. in every single panel Tsukada is in, both freshmen are there. it's like Harada is training him to like...i don't even know what. but he and Natsumi are definately the ones who cook for the boys at the summer training camp.
marksykins: haha. that katsuo to harada's horichirou
Mo: he's so dan taichi esque in his panels, his eyes are huge
Ma: i know! he's the cutest little silent thing.
Mo: i feel like these people aren't real unless they've made it into a fic

...that's like the stupidest thing i've ever said
Ma: hahahaha <33333333333 my love for you is limitless, i swear ahaha
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