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Not Even LJ will prevent me from showing w-inds.

fucking LJ. It's not going to stop me from posting the hot. While I was wallowing in despair last week, I watched every single w-inds. video at least twice, many of them much more. So I started screencapping a little, and then I got to Ryuichi's long hair and just couldn't stop.   Summary: W-inds. is so flipping hot, it's illegal.


WTF Ryuichi?! *cries* one minute he's unreasonalbe cute and the next terrifying. HIS EYES EAT MY SOUL.
Let Me Hold That For You

Awww, Ryohei can't perfect his breakdancing until his boyfriend holds the camera and smiles at him!

No seriously, I swear this is what happens in the PV. They all smoosh in to see the playback!
Into the Sunset!

I'm not even sure why I took this one, but omg cute.
Long Hair!

Nothing can be cuter than Ryuichi with long hair.
Except This.

Ryuichi with long hair and HEADPHONES. He's so pensive! and idle hand- drumming!
Omg Stop Please

I seriously can't take this much hot all at one time. SMILE, RYU. I WILL GIVE YOU A KIWI.

It doesn't cap well (bastard) but in motion, long-haired, fingerless gloved, sleeveless Ryuichi
dancing his heart out has broken me for non-japanese boys forever.

Super Lover!

Shiki's the best PV ever, even with the weird children on the train, because OMG KEITA TOO.

*can no longer comment because the hot has broken me*

alidsk alkslksdfiuww sjksdlkjd kkdlksdlwl lsdefisot jsdfs.

Oh Ryu, Why Don't You Cap?

Him in a hoodie is all sorts of woobie love. He looks all comfortable and snuggly.
Mmm, Hoodie.

Really, the stopped Ryuichi is not nearly the sex of the moving Ryuichi. Gah, boys.

Ryuichi no Magazine

This is right before Keita mimes Ryohei into dropping an ice cube down Ryuichi's shirt and Ryuichi screams like a girl.

No words. None.
Those are Virgins, Sweetie

Ageha's PV is next to unwatchable for me, because of Keita's attempt to dress up like a virginal medieval maiden, presumably to attract unicorns.
Well, it is Called Ageha
The best he manages is some dubious CG'd butterflies, but seriously, not even woodland creatures are fooled about your level of experience, Keita.
But Then There's Ryuichi

Shorter hair, but still GUH. It's totally unreasonable how pretty this boy is. He's like walking airbrush.

 today has been feeding my hoodie fetish just a little too much.

Also: OH MY GOD i hate this new update window. Dear jesus let me turn it off.
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