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Time to Duel

Soubi (the powerbook) has a more interesting taste in music than Snowflake, whose taste was so bad that I couldn't leave my library on full shuffle. Soubi plays a good mix of fast/slow and English/non-English, so I leave it on most of the time.

But lately, he's developed a taste for the Yu-Gi-Oh! soundtrack Music to Duel By (shutup i bought it for my brother), so I keep hearing very strange YGO! things that startle me.

Just now my computer announced "NEVER THOUGHT I'D SEE YOU IN MY CLOTHES!"

Apparently when 4Kids was ruining YGO! for American children everywhere, they didn't think the music was worth editing the slash out of as well...

and then Mokuba yells "BIG BROTHEEEEEER!" omgwtf.
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