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I was very pleasant at the battle

while cleaning my room, i found about a billion notebooks in which i took basically no notes of consequence, BUT i did often write down random hilarious things my professors said.

From the Glorious Greek Professor

About a girl dressed as Artemis: "How do you think this girl died?, not in a hunting accident."

"You'd think the moral of the story here would be that when there's projectiles involved, you shouldn't fight in a circle."

"I can free you from the chains of '' "

" 'phainomai saphron', I am clearly wise...wait, that's not right."

"We're all going to be frightfully pious."

"if you need foreigners, why not get get some tall, blond ones to be scary in Rome?"

"I just accidentally conquered all of Gaul. there were these people on my border...oops."

"Dikaeopolis, so nice to see you, have a fruit basket."

"It's in the book! It's number D!"

"I distribute? I've used that like ten times in my life, and two of them were right now."

"I was pleasant at many battles. May I kill you please? Oh, you got me!"

"I will never have a car without seatwarmers ever again, It has CHANGED my LIFE."

"His page got folded, it upset him."

"Those short alphas are always waiting around to mug you in Central Park."

"It's a fascinating story of a costume party gone horribly wrong..."

"Greeks did not wear, stop laughing, i'm serious..."

From some other random professors:

"Cooper was a writer who...has lots of time...I feel like i'm trying to sell you a used car."

"Cooper didn't know he was writing 5's kind of Terminator 5."

"Avoid expressing the ecstatic declaration of the obvious."

"You're all a bunch of snivelling conformists."

"It's graphically perverse...that sounds more exciting than it is."

(about the writers of the 19th century) "They would shit their pants if they could see a Pontiac commercial."

and then from me:

"This presentation could be eligible for the Albus P. Dumbledore Vagina Award."
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