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And in its Warm Glow

As tomorrow is my graduation brunch, i will link you to the piece of Egyptian "mythology" I wrote last year just before my brother's brunch.

Upheaval in the House of Phoenix: A description of what it's been like to live in my house for the last week or so, as told through the medium of Egyptian Mythology.

In other news, my stuff is as unpacked as it can possibly get. This includes, putting a table up for the TV to live on because THE PS2 IS GOING TO LIVE THERE TOO. OH YES. for now the original nintendo is warming its spot.

Also, who has stolen my ability to write? Please to be returning it. I will trade you that part that's still here, which is the part with the ridiuclous AUs in fake fandoms. And also the part where i stay up too late with musesfool and somehow make abacuses into failed sexual metaphors. (It's not my fault! We haven't invented zero yet!)
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