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i went to Gamestop and told them "I need to play Kingdom Hearts. Fix it." And THEY DID.

A minute and a half in, I WAS SOLD. Big-haired boys flailing at each other while UTADA HIKARU blares in the background! I was almost as much asquee about the music as anything else. God bless you, cultural fusion!

I played for four hours, and then paused to write random fic. TRUE LOVE.

Title: Even [Riku/Sora]
Rating/Warnings: PG? Okay, guys, even i'm not THAT hardcore. That part comes later, when Riku evidentally gets a lot of spandex.
Summary: Sora's used to it. Only, not at all.
AN: I'm 0 for 6 with Riku. And I did the bellyflop off the island thing.


Sora's pretty used to using to losing to Riku, at just about everything, and in just about every way possible. The practice matches especially; Sora's the champion all right, but of being on his stomach with sand up his nose, or on his back with his tailbone throbbing, or of belly-flopping into the water with his sword arm's wrist ringing so much he's actually thankful for the indignity of the cold slap of water.

But this one's new.

"You…" Sora's eyes are so wide it kind of hurts, but not near as much as the crack across the ribs he just got with the flat of Riku's sword. "You kissed me!"

"Yup," Riku shrugs, smirking down at Sora as he swings his sword a little back and forth. Sora's sword is half a dozen yards away, knocked out of his grip when his ass was formally introduced to the sand and one very unpleasant rock.

"But…" Sora's cheeks feel hot and sand is sticking to his palms, "but that's not fair!"

"Why not?" Riku inquires, planting the tip of his sword in the ground so he can lean on it.

"It's just not!" Sora's cheeks flame brighter as he thinks again about the fleeting brush of dry lips against his own, and he scrambles to his feet, glad Kairi isn't here but not exactly sure why.

"It's just not!" Riku mimics, voice high and cracking. "I'm gonna tell my mommy!"

"Shut up!" Sora exclaims, coming perilously close to stomping his foot. "I'm not a little kid!"

"Then what's the big deal about a little kiss, baaaaby?"

Although he was moving in the direction of retrieving his sword, suddenly Sora switches his path to swing his momentum at Riku, aiming his weight at Riku's thighs to knock him over. He's hoping Riku will drop his sword from the impact as well, make them even, but that's never the way it goes with Riku.

Well, Sora thinks as he takes a deep breath and leans forward until Riku's eyes are a blur of jellyfish luminescence, their chests pressed together and their legs tangled, he'll have to make them even some other way.
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