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Internet of the DAMNED.

HIGH SPEED CABLE. FNARGH. *clutches it* God bless you, Comcast! Or the dark prince, or something.

I have a sexy motorola SURFboard modem and a very sexy netgear router.

allow me a moment to sing the praises of the Netgear MR814 v3, which broadcasts the wireless to our entire house. Basement to third floor, and it's coming from the new room, which is added onto the side of the house and separated from everywhere else by a brick wall. I'm as far as i can possibly be from it in my room right now, and i'm still getting 2-3 bars.

(of course my room is the only place in the house not getting four bars. obviously.)

the signal switches back from 2-4 bars without me moving, which I can't figure out, but it's totally functional, so i don't care.

SO! you all want to link me the stuff i've been missing for the last couple weeks. but don't worry about PoT OVA 2 and 3, cause i am all over that. Like hair on Sora.
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