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break breakity break break break

I'm off for Fall Break tomorrow, so don't expect to see me around until Monday or so. I fully expect to come back with some ficage done. Just so you won't pine too much, I've updated my HP fic page, my LJ icons page, and my wallpaper page (including a slashy one using seviet's art), so have at it.

Added some people to the Flist that i've been meaning to *waves* someday when I'm a famous BNF you can tell people I Friended you when I was nothing except maybe "that girl who wrote 'Triumph of the Last Marauder' ".

I've come up with a Harry Potter smiley: 6 ` 6
It was accidentally created when I did my usual smiley too fast and ended up with a lazy eye one. A little tweakage and we have HP glory. (sociofemme: I'm taping the tape! It's like a pun...)
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