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the internet continued

so i went back to bestbuy and told them they needed to fix it right now, or I was going to throw the mother of all temper tantrums.

So I exchanged the repeater of crap in for a rangemax netgear router, which is apparently the most psychotic one they make, and which still cost $50 than the repeater (I told you it was bad).

so i do all the setup rigamarole AGAIN. for the third time in three days. and then I go up to my room from the living with the AIM turned on.

The first time, it dropped back to 2 bars like before and kicked me off. but NOW it says I have no bars...but i'm connected still. What. the hell.

well it better freaking stay like this, or somebody is getting fixed all right.

ETA: this is totally no better than the other one. *HATES* TEN FEET.
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