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Drift King

I went to see The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift last night with some other movie theater employees. I considered it a win, all-around, but whether you like it or not will depend on several key factors:

1. Whether you are there with people who like seeing movies that are good because they are actually bad, and are at liberty to comment frequently about the goings on.

2. Whether you like Japanese boys (and girls really) with ridiculous cars and even more ridiculous hair. Bonus points if you think the word "Yosh!" is the cutest word ever and like to speculate about exactly what they are eating.

3. Whether or not you think Sung Kang is the most glorious thing to ever grace a B movie (and he IS). He's easily the coolest character in the movie, mmmmmm. I would show you, but in the grand tradition of adorable Japanese boys, his hot is sort of all about motion and never looks that great in a single frame.

4. DRIFTING. If you think it's really fucking cool and don't mind watching the american loser wreck car after gorgeous car trying to do it, the parking garage racing is totally worth it.

In other news, I'm losing a battle of wills with Kobayashi, even with a sunburnt and willing Kazuhiro on my side. Grrrr.
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